2022 to be a fair year for the market, where can you invest?

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2022 to be a fair year for the market, where can you invest?

22 February, 2022

When our Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, unveiled the Budget for the fiscal year 2022-23 earlier this month, all sectors began to analyze their advantages and disadvantages in order to find the best benefits and opportunities for growth. 

Meanwhile, investors should have picked the stocks they believe would provide them with a good return. With new COVID-19 variants continuously appearing and businesses still recuperating from the pandemic's losses, this year's investments and returns may well be better.

If you're wondering after the budget 2022-23 announcement, whether now is a good time to invest in stocks, consider some of the companies within the sectors listed below.  

  • Real estate

Construction expenses began to rise when raw materials such as cement and steel began to rise in price in late 2021. As a result, property values have been impacted and have increased. With almost a 40% rise in the sale price, the sector would continue to grow in your investment portfolio. 

Given the government's emphasis on infrastructure development and the recent increase in housing demand, cement companies would be in an excellent position to gain market share over time.

  • FMCG

After rebounding back from the second wave, the FMCG industry has evolved and exhibited resilience in order to evolve in ways that will give more value to the entire chain in the future. When Zomato stocks became available for purchase recently, it drew far more interest and investment than expected. Hence, investing in a fast-growing sector like this could be a great fit for your portfolio. 

  • Digital sector

With the occurrence of the pandemic, this sector has unexpectedly risen to soar. Everyone needed to be able to work from home, which necessitated the development of infrastructure and technology to meet the ever-increasing demand. As the need for technology grew, IT companies were able to observe a rise in their supply. 

This transformation also resulted in an increase in the usage of banking and digital payments.  As a response, companies like AGS Technology saw a lot of interest in their first public offering (IPO).

  • Transport

Following the government's announcement on Gati Shakti, it appears that the logistics business will be on the rise. The development of new storage and logistics facilities will be aided by the Gati Shakti Masterplan for expressways, the construction of 100 new cargo ports for multi-nodal logistics, and the expansion of urban metro systems.

With the emerging government plans in motion, investing in transport or travel companies could be a benefitting investment in the long run. 


To conclude

Budget 2022-23 may have appeared to an individual in many different ways but it did come with some advantages. Investing wisely in growing industries will keep your profits rising while also easing the financial load when you want capital. These stock investments will allow you to get a rapid loan against shares from spark.loans with a quick turnaround time and at the touch of a button - anytime and from wherever you are.

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