From Offline To Online: How We Reduce Turnaround Time In Our LAS Process

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From Offline To Online: How We Reduce Turnaround Time In Our LAS Process

27 December, 2021

From Offline To Online: How We Reduce Turnaround Time In Our LAS Process 

There is a considerable amount of effort you need to put forth in order to get a loan in India. To make things easier, banks are digitizing their processes with convenience at the forefront. The same can be said for their loan-taking process. Today, consumers can get a loan online from the comfort of their home, however, the process still remains tedious due to the demand of fulfilling a number of eligibility criteria. 

The process for taking a Loan Against Securities, also known as LAS, is also the same. Though it is online, there are a number of proofs that need to be cleared and documents that need to be submitted, the process itself can take days to end. 

This showcases that even as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, the adoption of consumer-friendly technology in India’s financial sector is just catching its footing. Let’s dive deeper into this with LAS at the forefront. 

Offline Process Of Loan Against Securities In India

The offline process of getting a loan against securities is a long one. In this process, the borrower often has to go through an agent to pledge his/her securities. Once done, the agent would then go to a lender, pledge the borrower’s shares and get a loan on the borrower’s investments in his/her name. What follows is a long procedure of creating and submitting documents and agreements. 

Having a middleman elongated the process. The whole process was not only tedious but also a little heavy on the pockets. Also, it led to having various scams at the hands of middlemen. 

Enabling An Online LAS Ecosystem 

With this problem in mind, we at thought that the LAS process needed a much-needed solution; as it is one of the most powerful tools in the financial sector. Hence, we have been working to make the LAS process as seamless as possible with our app. 

With our app, our endeavour is to always provide a smooth digital process to our customers. Through our app, a borrower can easily pledge/unpledge their securities directly to the Direct Selling Agent i.e It’s important to note that as a DSA, we do not have any right over the securities nor do we buy any securities from our borrowers. Instead, we provide a transparent platform for the lender and the borrower for safe conduct.

We have also eradicated the need for long and tedious physical documentation in our process. All you need to do is complete your KYC and e-sign online. Through this minimalized process, we have reduced the turnaround time at to just 24 hours per loan approval

Now LAS is as easy as applying for a credit card. 

Other benefits of LAS with

  • Get a credit line
  • Easy pledge/unpledged process
  • Repay the loan flexibly
  • Low-interest rates
  • No hidden fees
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Easy KYC
  • E-signing

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