How You Can Use LAS To Become Financially Independent

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How You Can Use LAS To Become Financially Independent

08 November, 2021

Changing times bring in new perspectives and give way to fresh beliefs. As the current generation progresses towards a fast-paced world, their priorities are changing rapidly.

There’s a new belief amongst young professionals. The belief of becoming financially independent. Gone are the days when people retired after 65 years of service. The idea now is to retire as soon as possible without stopping the flow of income. 

Let’s dive into this phenomenon a little deeper. 

What Is Financial Independence? 

Financial independence is having enough income to support a person’s living expenses and lifestyle for the rest of his/her life without being employed or being dependent on others. A way to achieve such independence is through passive income. 

Passive income is an income which is earned without having an active involvement in the source. 

There are a number of ways to earn passive income like investing in securities, investing in real estate, ULIPs etc. 

Why Financial Freedom?

According to popular opinions, the whole concept of financial freedom was born with a behavioural change that we can see in Millennials and Gen Zs. For these generations, life is all about achieving their dreams and goals. People want to have enough money to travel or pursue their interests without hindering their income or risking a loss in the process. 

Financial freedom will allow them to do this without being actively involved in the process. Since life is short, why not spend it the way we want?

How Can LAS Help Me Get Financially Independent? 

LAS or Loan Against Securities is a financial product that helps you get a loan by keeping your investments as collateral. How can a loan help you get financial freedom? 

Let’s look at this from the other side of the spectrum. 

If you have stocks, then you will probably have to sell them in order to earn a profit. With LAS, you can pledge those shares as collateral and get liquidity to realize your returns. 

So instead of letting them stay that way, why not keep them as collateral and get a loan? You can use the cash from this loan to: 

  1. Diversifying your portfolio 
  2. Start a business that you have always dreamed of 
  3. Buy a new house for extra rental income
  4. Travel the world 
  5. Buy your dream car

The sky is the limit with money in hand. With the help of a loan against shares from, you can avail funds on the value of your stock portfolio. Our interest rates are as low as 1.24%* per month with flexible payment options on the amount utilized and do not charge any pre-payment penalty. 

With a loan against shares, you can get quick cash without requiring any formal credit eligibility. At the end of the loan, you still get to keep your stock portfolio, which you can further diversify to reap unimaginable benefits. 

Through strategic planning, you can fulfil all your dreams using LAS. 

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